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About Stork Post

Let's face it. Babies are stressful. Even if you ignore the sky rocketing costs that many pay just to have a baby, raising a child costs a ridiculous amount of money. Stork Post is a way to soften that blow.

When I had my daughter, I was exhausted. Between feedings, wakeups and every other part of life, navigating the world of baby-related retail became huge undertaking. I was constantly asking questions.

"Is this fabric soft enough for her delicate skin?"

"Is this toy made with safe materials?"

"Oh crap! She is growing like a weed! I need more clothes!"

Stork Post is a way to relieve the anxiety and stress of keeping up with your baby's amazing growth and development. Our subscription boxes deliver you only the most high-quality, eco-friendly and ethical goods available. Items that you can feel good about giving to your child. Items that can be passed on to siblings, cousins, friends etc. Items that stand out from the crowd while not emptying your bank account. We guarantee all boxes to contain more value than what you pay.

Welcome to Stork Post. Delivering goods for your little one straight to your doorstep.