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Motivations and Musings

"You have a website?" they say. "You must write a blog!'

Um.. Okay. Let's try to fit that in to the following activities:

  • Parenting a very active and wonderful 4-year-old, 
  • Raising a 3-month old puppy, 
  • Being an awesome wife (that one's easy), 
  • Working my real job, 
  • Starting a website as a hobby and rolling it in to a full-fledged store, 
  • ....and also, apparently, writing a semi-regular blog.

It's not that I am a stranger to the written word (I studied English in university, and have authored several books - the latter of which you will never have heard of). But those were both rooted in fiction, and this website, and by extension, this blog, is so much more... Real. 

I spent a long time thinking about what to write in here and I pretty much landed on anything and everything. You can expect unfiltered personal stories on motherhood, pregnancy, and all things parent-related. I hope have some guest bloggers, and will occasionally link to amusing/interesting stories or blogs online. 

I wanted to do this initial post so you can learn about who is behind Stork Box. Not the kind of stuff on the About Me page, but the more personal stuff. 

Why did I make this site? 

To be honest, it was mostly pandemic boredom with a touch of anti-anxiety medicine. I was working from home, but only part-time as I recovered from a car accident. Part of that recovert meant spending afternoons in bed, icing or heating my back. 

There's only so much Netflix you can binge... 

Initially, I just toyed with this idea: a subscription box for new parents, especially now as people aren't shopping in stores as much. After my daughter was born, I was terrified to leave the house for fear of basically everything (strange people, the sun, me tripping and falling on my baby.... Yup. It was that extreme. And this was years before the Coronavirus sweeping the world. My own anxiety issues are for another post but I couldn't imagine being a new parent in the middle of the pandemic. But if you can't go out to ship, how do you know what to buy for your baby?

So I started a free trial to build a site, creating it almost entirely from my phone. I spent far too long researching dropshipping (a method we do not employ at Stork Post) from my bed, heating pad on my back and phone in hand. I also knew I wanted to use my own experiences to guide what products we carry. 

Eventually, I realized I might be on to something... First off, Canadian subscription boxes are few and far between, with baby-related boxes taking up only a small fraction.of the market. And while many focus on the lotions and skin care products, very few focus on sustainable items like organic cotton, or sustainable cork toys. 

Eventually, Stork Post came to be. And now here you are. And now, rereading that, I am pretty sure I said most of that in the last post. Oops. Next post won't repeat, I promise. 

What's in it for me? Truthfully, once the business gets going I will be investing in my daughter's education. Sounds cheesy, but it's true. But for now, I'm committing to you, my subscribers and storklings. I am not in this for the money, and will try my best to do what I can to make your life simpler and more at ease.  If you need something we don't have, let me know. If you just have questions, let me know. Of you want to rant about purple crying, go for it. You never know... Maybe a little extra something will come your way. 

- Shawna


PS if you want to read the books, let me know. They are available as ebooks on Amazon, and I'll make them free for you if you want. 

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