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It Always Starts at the Beginning...

Wow. What a year. And it's only July.

If you had asked me to predict anything that happened this year, I wouldn't even have been close in my predictions.

COVID-19 has changed the world. It's brought many of us to our knees, and rose many more up as they heroically fight on. 

Sitting at home, quarantined with my toddler and new puppy, I watched a few friends go through the stress of delivering a baby during the quarantine. They couldn't have visitors, often not even their spouse. They couldn't go out and access the public health nurse, or even just head out of their house with their baby without fear of infection.

I remembered my own experience. While I did not experience nearly as many hardships as corona babies, or even most mothers in the world, I do remember experiencing the loneliness. My mental health suffered after my daughter was born, but I had to tough it out as I also had to recover from gallbladder removal a few months post-partum. 

I found my self falling into deep internet rabbit holes. I got overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information that was bombarding me. My anxiety, now amped up as I tried to keep a tiny human alive, only raged further as I tried to decide on formula or breast milk (let's be honest... none of this breast is best. FED is best). Do i use cloth or disposable diapers? What about lotions? And fabrics? And toys?

These rambling thought-holes I fell into were nothing compared to the stress of a newborn in the middle of a pandemic. I wanted to act. I wanted to help them.

I had toyed with the idea of starting a subscription box for some time, but after reading about one particular mom in one of my circles completely breaking down from the stress of having to order everything online, I knew exactly what to do.

Thus, Stork Post was born.

I have big goals for the future. I'm inspired a lot by Causebox and FabFitFun. I would love to grow to a level that can really make a difference, offering even more discounted items to those stressed out moms and dads everywhere.

This is currently a side hustle for me. I will be putting the proceeds of Stork Post towards an education for my daughter, and I also hope to partner with a non-profit as well, in order to give back.

Whether you subscribe or not, please just remember: be safe. Wear a mask for the sake of all those new parents who have no choice but to buy groceries with their newborns in tow. 

And wash your hands.

-Shawna, Head Stork

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