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Counting Down to Labour Day

Labour Day is fast approaching.

For me, Labour Day has always felt like the last "Hurrah" of summer. Kids go back to school, vacations end, camping gear is stored away...

Except, this year it's all very different. No one seems to know when school will start - if at all - and what that will even look like. Vacations don't feel like they have ended, because no one is travelling. 

So, I've decided Stork Post is going to do something big on Labour Day - and I'm flipping the script and making it more about the other kind of "labour": baby labour. (Stay tuned on our social sites for more info on that)

And to me, celebrating labour isn't just for those who pushed out a baby; there are so many other ways we labour when it comes to our babies.

Adoption is a highly exhausting and labour-filled process. It can take YEARS just to get on a list for a child, let alone actually adopt. Plus, the cost is astronomical.

Speaking of cost, shout out to my IVF couples. You also have quite a labourious journey. Surrogacy ladies too. 

The decision (and for those who don't have a choice) to have a C-Section means even longer pain and post-partum healing. 

And to my rainbow families: My heart goes out to you, for you have the toughest journey of us all.

Physical labour is just a part of bringing a child into this world. And while it is an amazing thing to experience or witness, we need to acknowledge everyone's journey. Even the labour of your partner, who held your hand while you irrationally yelled that them, saying you had "changed your mind". Never mind that you are fully dilated. Or of your parents, who had to come around that their grandchild was going to have two daddies. Or of the (now) older sibling, who suddenly isn't the main focus anymore. A new baby changes everyone.

So here's to all of you, to all the labourers.

...more to follow...



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