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GO BAG: 10 Things All Pregnant Women Need to Pack for the Hospital

Having a baby? Make sure you have a Go Bag prepped before you go into labour. You're going to need a few bags, actually. Here's the most important one. The Mom Bag.

This is the bag you want to bring with you the moment you head to the hospital. This is the bag that will ensure you the most comfortable post-partum experience.

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Counting Down to Labour Day

Labour Day is fast approaching.

For me, Labour Day has always felt like the last "Hurrah" of summer. Kids go back to school, vacations end, camping gear is stored away...

Except, this year it's all very different. No one seems to know when school will start - if at all - and what that will even look like. Vacations don't feel like they have ended, because no one is travelling. 

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Part One: World Breastfeeding Week and Ethics

I was recently approached to promote a company's campaign supporting National Breastfeeding Month. I love the company and the brand, so initially I was like, "Hell yeah!" let's do it!
As I continued to read the campaign, themed "Support breastfeeding for a healthier planet", I started to question the ethics of Stork Post, and more importantly, myself, getting behind the message.
Read on, there's more to it than can be summarized here. 
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It Always Starts at the Beginning...

Wow. What a year. And it's only July. If you had asked me to predict anything that happened this year, I wouldn't even have been close in my predictions. COVID-19 has changed the world. It's brought many of us to...
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